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Your Benefit Resource! ®

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Your Benefit Resource!®  was founded in 1988 as a life insurance agency has grown into a nationwide network of agents, brokers, and benefit consultants covering many product lines of business insurance and employee benefits.  Health insurance, disability, dental, vision, critical illness and life insurance plans.

Let's get to work!

Founder Scott D. Johnson has over 30 years of experience helping business managers with their human resource, training and safety, insurance, investment and employee benefit programs. One of our lines of service is working with employers or other insurance agents in making Open Enrollment paperless for all of their insurance companies and policies in less than 20 minutes per employee! Ask how by emailing today!

His goal is to provide better than expected customer service and to avoid management problems by thoughtful prior planning.  We can take complex issues and provide simple solutions.   

Specialties: Team leadership, training, budgeting and activity planning. I excel in creating training programs, culture change, customer service and process improvement plans. I have created training programs on insurance, flight safety, risk or threat analysis and business succession planning. 

If I worked for the railroad, the trains would run on time. If I ran an airline, we would serve allergy free peanuts in coach and never lose your bags. Imagine what I could do for your business!  


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