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Annuities ~ Zero, is your Hero

Annuities are not for everyone.  
An annuity is for people who want to sleep at night and not worry about their retirement income decreasing in a down market or recession.  

Zero, is your hero.  Ask us why!

Do not purchase an annuity until you call us to see a free, no obligation, comparison of companies, policies, expenses and features.  We represent many different insurance companies and each has its own unique niche client and product.   

Fixed annuities, indexed annuities, and single premium immediate annuities may look alike on the interest rate, but can be very different in the retirement income payout that you receive.  Just because one annuity illustrates a higher interest rate over another, this does not always translate into a larger payout at retirement.  There are many considerations on various options, and in the internal fees that will change the monthly payout you receive.  

In a falling or flat market, a Fixed Annuity provides protection against loss of principal and a guaranteed rate of return.  In a rising or volatile stock market, an Index Annuity provides a reasonable rate of return while protecting against loss.  A Single Premium Immediate Annuity SPIA provides you with a guaranteed monthly income starting today.

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