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Studies show that 3 out of 5 people over age 75 will need Long Term Care.  The average stay in a facility is 30 months, which was preceded by a lengthy period of home health care needs.  At an average cost of $ 8,000 per month, how will you afford this?  Can you, or do you want to, write a check for $ 96,000 per year?  How long will your life savings last?
During our working years we need disability income insurance to replace our income if we are unable to work due to an injury or illness.  After retirement, or in the decade leading up to retirement, we need to become concerned with the cost of Long Term Care or an extended illness and recovery spent at home.
 Long Term Care insurance can also provide you with the means to have a Home Health Aide come to your home and keep you independent and out of a Nursing Home.  LTCi is more cost effective than paying cash or self-insuring for long term care needs.
LTC insurance plans vary widely in price and benefit.  You should shop carefully before purchasing a policy.  We even have plans that will return your premiums to your heirs upon your death - whether you used the insurance or not.  Contact us today for a personal quote for you.
The five most common disabilities covered by LTCi is Alzheimer's disease, stroke, arthritis, circulatory issues and injuries.  One in ten claims occur before age 70.
According to the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, in 2010 11% of applicants under age 50 were declined for coverage in underwriting.  For applicants in their 50's, over 17% were declined, and for those in their 60's this rises to 25%.  One in four people who applied for Long Term Care insurance in their sixties was declined in 2010.  These numbers have only gotten worse in 2018!   

Be sure to ask about the new combination life, disability, and long term care insurance policies.  These are very cost effective!
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