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Enrollment in MN Sure, Minnesota Care or Medical Assistance

(AKA Obama Care)

Enroll into an individual health insurance policy with MN Sure via their web site or over the phone with us.   
Since 2013 -  Your Benefit Resource! - Scott D. Johnson  has invested considerable time and personal funds into becoming a certified MN Sure Broker. At a time when many agents are leaving the field, we are one of the original Assisters still active.  Effective for the 2016 plan year, we will no longer provide this service for free to Minnesota Care or Medical Assistance recipients.  

We will charge you $ 150 per year for our professional administration services because we do not get paid any sales commissions on these plans from the insurance company or MN Sure. 

If you DO NOT need, want, or qualify for the taxpayer funded assistance in paying for your health insurance policy, then you may bypass MN Sure and apply online directly with any of our insurance companies for the same premium (price) as the MN Sure tax qualified plans.  Click here to compare insurance plans, prices, and apply online.  

There is NO SERVICE FEE charged from us when you purchase any insurance product from us via the non-MN Sure channels.  In these cases, we are paid a normal commission by the insurance company.

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