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Health insurance – prescription drugs (name brand and generic discounts, contraceptives, discounted  mail-order  refills) office visit co-pays, and free annual exams.  Reward your employees for using network providers, walk-in clinics (instead of the emergency room) and your health plan premium will  drop  dramatically!  Check out the new HRA and HSA plans for even greater savings on your insurance premiums!  Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity plans are available too.


Dental & Vision insurance – Most plans offer two annual "routine" dental checkups, x-rays and cleanings.  Orthodontics is an option on larger groups only.  Eye exams every 24 months and a new frame, lens or contacts.  Vision benefits are very inexpensive and are fast becoming a standard benefit on health insurance plans as the Baby Boomers eyes age.


Long Term Disability income insurance  The odds are that 1 out of every 3 people will become disabled for at least 90 days prior to age 65.  What is the longest vacation you ever took?  Now extend that to a year or a lifetime.  How will you, or your employees, fund it?  LTD replaces your salary to ages 65 or 70 if you are disabled for more than three months from working in your own occupation.  Include a COLA and termination transfer benefit.


Short Term Disability income insurance  STD replaces your salary for the first 3 – 6 months of a sickness (i.e. pregnancy or illness) or injury (i.e. knee surgery or hernia that prevents you from working and then stops when LTD begins.  Accident insurance is also available.


Long Term Care insurance  LTC covers the cost of a nursing home or home health aide.  Most health insurance policies do not cover this, or at most for only the  first  100  days.  A good plan offers a group discount to employees and their extended families on LTC insurance policies.  There may be some State tax credits available for this purchase also.


Life insurance  An employer can provide each employee up to $ 50,000 of term life insurance income tax free.   Spouses and dependents can also be covered on a  guaranteed issue basis.  Additional term or whole life plans are available on an individual basis either employee purchased or in a deferred compensation plan.  It generally takes 10-12 times an annual salary to to replace a deceased parent's income.

Critical Illness, Cancer, Accident, and Hospital Indemnity insurance plans.  These supplement the expenses that your major medical health insurance plan or deductible does not full cover.

A FLEX Spending Account  (FSA) to allow employees (and employers) to save money pre-tax for the coming year's un-reimbursed medical expenses, health insurance premiums, or day-care costs.  A new Health Savings Account (HSA) is an option in  some situations for long term medical savings for individuals or groups.


A pre-tax retirement savings program .   Small employers may use a SIMPLE IRA program due to the low cost to setup and administer.  Larger employers, or those needing to make larger contribution or desiring a vesting schedule, will use a 401-K plan or even a Defined Benefit program.  Many will do a special Golden Handcuffs program for select, key managers and employees.


Personal Financial Planning services and seminars for families just starting out, or for those more established and with more complicated needs (confused by stock options and taxation?).  What are the various insurance and investment plans available and which is best for me?  How do I care and plan for an elderly parent's long term care needs?


Tax & Estate Planning for families that are approaching  retirement.  How do I pass my estate on  to my heirs without losing it to income taxes or long term medical expenses?  Are you ready give 55% of your estate to the Tax Man?  Neither are your  employees, and education is the key to  preventing this waste of money.


Employee Education programs – retirement planning, how to purchase insurance, long term care planning, health & wellness topics, tax planning with a CPA, and much more.


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